Marking and Certification

CE marking

CE marking is a visible declaration, on the equipment, by the manufacturer, that the equipment complies with all applicable European Directives. These may include, for example the ATEX directive (2014/34/EU), the Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2014/30/EU)

EU Declaration of Conformity

EU Declaration of conformity is a written declaration, by the manufacturer, of the EU directives with which the product complies.

EU Type Test Certificate

Often erroneously referred to as an ‘ATEX certificate’, the EU Type Test Certificate is issued by an ATEX Notified Body who has tested and certified the equipment. This certificate is required for ATEX Category 1 and Category 2 equipment. It is not required for Category 3 equipment.

Certification Special Conditions - 'X' Suffix

Some EU Type Certificates will carry a suffix ‘x’ after the certificate number. This denotes ‘special certification conditions’. These details are given on the certificate and on the installation documentation. The conditions usually relate specific conditions that must be adhered to for safety and to maintain the validity of the certificate.