UK & Middle East Network
We stock a vast range of products throughout our UK and Middle East distribution network.
Dron & Dickson have 4 stocking locations throughout the UK: Aberdeen, Stirling, Hull and Lowestoft, each holding their own unique stock profile. This allows us to offer a next day delivery on stocked items.
Rapid Response
Dron & Dickson understand the urgency of your needs. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the rapid response operations and projects require, ensuring technical support and the best customer service available.
Stock Profile
The correct stock holding is essential. We tailor our stock profile to support your operational or project requirements. As part of our regular supply contracts, our stock holding of product types and quantities are regularly reviewed. This ensures that the right stock is available at any given time to ensure no delays are incurred for manufacturing.

Project Management
We have a proven track in delivering project support, from small to major projects, for both offshore and onshore installations. We have the ability to manage, collate, inspect and provide all documentation support large project bulks. Whatever the size or requirements, we have the ability and resource to ensure on time, on budget project execution.

Contract Management
The high value supply agreements that we hold are testament to our ability to provide competitive contract pricing, matched inventory, spend analysis, KPI reporting and technical support. Dron & Dickson have years of experience in the provision of electrical products to a wide range of industries and clients throughout the UK, both onshore and offshore.
Please refer to our FPAL feedback and supplier record for further information

Product Training
Dron & Dickson have a duty of care to ensure that we are always keeping our clients updated with product innovation in the market place. We regularly provide training and product awareness sessions for our clients. These technical seminars provide an arena for manufacturers to showcase their existing and new products, giving our clients the opportunity to challenge and discuss any technical queries they may have. The seminars have proved invaluable to the development of new products, and ensure a greater understanding for all in line with industry initiatives and legislative requirements.