Dron & Dickson are the leading certified assembler of Weidmuller (Klippon®) junction boxes in the United Kingdom. With an extensive stock holding of TBMHSTB and POK enclosures, our workshop is able to provide unrivalled competence, expertise, quality and service to customer specifications.

Our large stock holding allows us to provide same day turn around on many urgent requirements.

The workshop facility is based in Aberdeen and we have the capabilities to assemble approximately 5000 Stainless Steel & GRP units per year. This assembly includes; design, population, drilling and tapping of all entries in house. All aspects of assembly are undertaken in our workshop allowing true ownership of delivery lead time and costs.

All personnel have been trained and are fully qualified in accordance with Weidmuller’s third party assembly licence which has been accredited by a certifying authority. This is a requirement of our competency programme, as documented in our Integrated Management System.

Please see below the range of Weidmuller enclosures we assemble:

The Klippon® TB Range

The Klippon® TB range of enclosures delivers an outstanding performance in the severest conditions and meets the needs of the increasingly stringent requirements of hazardous area applications that can be found in particular in the process and energy industries. The Klippon® TB MH range offers further enhancements to an already successful and market leading product range.

The Klippon® TB MH range of enclosures offers the following advantages:

  • Available in 12 sizes and 3 standard depths
  • Equipped with up to 4 gland plates
  • The gasket is protected against compression
  • Completely removable padlock tab
  • Cover lock outside the sealed zone
  • Improved temperature performance
  • IP 66/IP 67 protection
  • Lid can be removed without a tool
  • Earth studs in enclosure cover and bottom section
  • Welded mounting feet
  • International approvals

TB Range Data Sheet

TB Range Main Features

Weidmuller junction boxes are approved and certified according to the international standards, types of explosion protection include Ex e, Ex ia, and Ex tb. Due to customized configurations of terminals and cable glands and various earthing options the Terminal Box will fulfil any installation requirements and gives the optimal solution for every application.

The Klippon® STB Range

The Klippon® STB range manufactured from either sheet or stainless steel is the perfectly designed Small Terminal Box. It provides the ideal connection point for either industrial or harsh environment applications.

The name Klippon® has long been synonymous for competence and quality in the supply of enclosures and customer solutions. This philosophy continues with our Klippon® STB range of enclosures. Typically serving industries such as process, energy and transportation, the Klippon® STB series is the perfect complement to our existing Klippon Terminal Box Portfolio.

The enclosures are approved to international standards e.g. EN 62208 and IEC EN 60079 (IEC Ex and ATEX) and cULus.

Features of the enclosure range:

  • Available in stainless steel or in steel sheet
  • Higher temperature resistant seals than the standard (extended temperature range of -60 °C to +100 °C / 120 °C, on request)
  • Flexible options when mounting the internal rail
  • The gasket is protected against compression; this ensures that a permanent and secure seal is maintained.
  • Earth studs in the lid and in the enclosure base
  • Lasered welding seams offer-improved quality
  • Delivered with welded mounting feet to ensure a sturdy enclosure installation

STB Datasheet

STB Overview

The Klippon® POK Range

The Klippon® POK range is based on a high-quality glass fibre-reinforced polyester enclosure which represents an economical solution for electrical connections. The enclosures are ideal wherever corrosion resistance, impact resistance and a high IP protection class are required.

Features of the enclosure range:

  • Manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polyester
  • Available in 17 sizes
  • Two standard finishes (colours) Grey, similar to RAL 7001 (industrial use) Black, similar to RAL 9011 (harsh environments, Ex)
  • Captive lid fixing screws are stainless steel
  • Fixing holes are located outside of the lid sealing area to ensure high ingress protection of P66
  • Threaded holes for internal component mounting
  • Silicone sealing for extreme temperature environments
  • Impact resistance up to 10 Joules
  • Approved to the latest international standards, including EN62208 and IEC EN 60079

POK Range 

POK Overview